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Grand Emerald Dream by Gift of Light on Flickr.
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Pre-Winter Storm, Southwestern Australia
One of the Expedition 39 crew members aboard the International Space Station on March 29 used a 35mm lens on a digital still camera to photograph this pre-winter storm located just off the coast of southwestern Australia. The orbital outpost was located to the southwest of this weather system over the southeastern Indian Ocean near 45.6 degrees south latitude and 108.9 degrees west longitude. The panoramic view is towards the northeast, just before sunset local time (note the terminator approaching from the upper right). The storm is sweeping an early-season cold front in extreme southwestern Australia.
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The Statue of Liberty Nebula
Image Credit: Fred Herrmann
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Blood Moon gif stabilized and slowed.
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Kilpisjärvi, Finland
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This is so cool. You normally only see lightning for a split second and it’s gone, but since this is looped, we see the beauty over and over

The more you look at it the cooler it is
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A Study in Scarlet

ESO: This new image from ESO’s La Silla Observatory in Chile reveals a cloud of hydrogen called Gum 41. In the middle of this little-known nebula, brilliant hot young stars are giving off energetic radiation that causes the surrounding hydrogen to glow with a characteristic red hue.

Continue reading via ESO
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December lights

Aurora Borealis or the northern lights dance in the night sky of northern Canada in a clear December night. 

Image credit & copyright: P. K. Chen
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